Mill house in Charente Maritime - Chez Moulin

The Charente Maritime, located in south west France, is renowned for having one of the most pleasant climates in France, along with the French Riviera. Winters tend to be fairly mild and thanks to the oceanic climate, summers are hot but not muggy and humid. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, it benefits from a micro-climate, with over 2,400 sunshine hours a year.
This region of France receives just enough rainfall, which when blended with the long hours of sunshine, enables the successful agriculture, as well as wine and liqueur production, such as the famous Cognac wines.
2021-10-28 20°C
2021-10-29 16°C
2021-10-30 18°C
2021-10-31 18°C
2021-11-01 16°C
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